Animal Crime Wave

In yet another shocking development, Sam, a seagull, is causing a one-bird crime wave in Scotland. Every day he sneaks into a shop and steals a bag of cheese Doritos.

I know from experience how devious seagulls can be. Once I was outside, eating some french fries and gesticulating with a fry. Suddenly a seagull swept down and grabbed it out of my hand, leaving me speechless and my friend howling with laughter.

We are being watched, I tell you!


Missing Something?

All those times you thought you were going crazy, when you misplaced something and never could figure out where it was! Remember how I inexplicably lost a juggling ball? Judging from the above video, this kind of thing happens more than we know.

Another example: A neighbor of mine was the proud new owner of a fancy bird feeder. I helped her install it securely on her fire escape, three floors up. From her kitchen window, she loved watching the birds feasting.

Then one day the feeder was gone–vanished! She called me and I commiserated. What kind of a person would steal a bird feeder? How low can you get?

A few days later I spotted the birdfeeder, empty and lying on the ground. Aha! So no human had stolen it after all–enterprising squirrels had managed to haul the entire thing away, dragging it off to their secret hiding place!

Now if only I could find my juggling ball…