Masters of PR

Young Man at the window (part 2), originally uploaded by _Abi_.

Once I had to move out of my apartment for two months while steam pipes were replaced. I worried about what would happen to the squirrels. They were used to my feeding them fresh peanuts every morning. I wouldn’t be there for them–and it was winter.

When construction workers arrived on the first day, I told them my concerns. It didn’t help that they guffawed at me. “Don’t worry. We’ll just shoot ’em!” One even said “I like squirrels–in a frying pan!” These were tough, macho guys, after all.

The construction site was off limits, but every day I would come by and throw peanuts over the fence into my garden so the squirrels would have something. Did they miss me as much as I missed them, I wondered?

Toward the end of the project, I was allowed back in to see the work in progress. When I walked into my apartment, what did I see but one of those tough construction workers out in the garden, feeding some of his sandwich to a squirrel!

The foreman told me that every day the squirrels would look for me. And one day, one of them went up to the window and kind of put her arms on her hips and seemed to ask “Where IS she?”

So in the end, these little creatures managed to win over the entire crew, once again proving the importance of good P.R.!