20 Million Animals Need Your Help

In November, California voters will have the opportunity to make life for farmed chickens, calves, and pigs a little better. Proposition 2, or the Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act, will require that these animals be able to turn around in their cages. It’s not much to ask, but it is far more than they have now.

Please consider joining our cause and donating to help our fellow creatures.

Photo courtesy of Farm Sanctuary

What a Wonderful World

I’ve been busy working for a most important animal cause: The Humane Society is sponsoring a drive to get 650,000 petition signatures for a proposition to mandate minimal humane treatment of calves, chickens and pigs. If successful, it would require that these factory-farmed animals be allowed enough room to turn around in their cages. So very minimal. And yet so hard to achieve in our less-than-compassionate cheap meat economy.

I’ve also been watching the most harrowing videos imaginable about factory farming. It would make you weep. If you are thinking about becoming a vegetarian, this stuff will put you over the edge.

So as an antidote, here’s a beautiful video that reflects a more hopeful side to humanity. Enjoy!