Whale Thanks Rescuers

Whale Rescue

Recently a 50-ton female humpback whale had become hopelessly tangled in ropes and crab pots. Fortunately, a fisherman spotted her and called for help.

Divers took to the water in a daring rescue attempt. They had to cut the ropes with knives, and had the whale reacted, they could have been killed with a flip of her tail.

“When I was cutting the line going through the mouth, its eye was there winking at me, watching me,” Moskito [one of the rescuers] said. “It was an epic moment of my life.”

When the whale realized it was free, it began swimming around in circles, according to the rescuers. Moskito said it swam to each diver, nuzzled him and then swam to the next one.

“It seemed kind of affectionate, like a dog that’s happy to see you,” Moskito said. “I never felt threatened. It was an amazing, unbelievable experience.”

Thanks to the San Francisco Chronicle for this heartwarming story.


One thought on “Whale Thanks Rescuers

  1. Thanks for sharing this story, Vicki. I am always on the lookout for news of these wonderful, super-intelligent creatures who patiently share our planet and endure our misdeeds.

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