A Little Story for the New Year

What’s up?, originally uploaded by kartoffel.


Yesterday morning as I made my coffee, I noticed a dead-looking spider in the sink. I nudged it a bit to see if it was alive, but alas. Its legs were flaccid and there was no life inside. I told the spider I was so sorry.

Normally I would have put it down the drain, but for some reason I didn’t. And when I came back again an hour later, the spider had taken on more of a form. I nudged it again, and it reacted. I was so happy! I whispered to it that we would get it to a nice place, and with that, I carried it out into the garden where it could be in the sun and find all the food it needed.

Such a little story. But don’t all of us creatures need a little help sometimes?

Happy New Year, Friends!


One thought on “A Little Story for the New Year

  1. All those eyes and legs… not sure about spiders.

    I hope you had a great Christmas and New Years! All the best to you for 2008. =]

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