Surfing Bulldog

‘I’m NOT a surfer’, originally uploaded by Cynr.

A friend of mine sometimes invites me to her family’s beach house in southern California. One of their neighbors has a bulldog who is a fanatic about the beach. The minute the dog arrives she runs as fast as she can into the water, crashing her thick body against the waves with full force.

When a surfboard is within sight, she runs to it, jumps on it, and implores her human friends to take her surfing. What a sight she is! With her human standing on the back of the board, she balances on the front, ears flapping, mouth open in the widest possible smile.To see this bulldog throw herself into the water with total abandon is to understand what it is like to do something passionately, wholeheartedly. If only all humans could experience such total joie de vivre!


2 thoughts on “Surfing Bulldog

  1. Hi Vicki!

    You’re so right…why can’t we humans abandon ourselves like the animals? They just THROW themselves into it! Personally, I think it’s the fear of losing control.

    Hey…if we don’t speak before then…I just wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas. I hope that wherever you’ll be, you’ll be enjoying yourself and having wonderful time!

    Be well, my friend!

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