Actor, Painter, Chimpanzee

cheeta.jpg While I was working at the National Gallery in London, the artist in residence was Peter Blake, who became famous to many because of his cover of the Beatles album, Sargent Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.As is the custom, the artist mounts an exhibition at the Gallery at the end of his stay. Peter Blake regarded another painter as his partner and collaborator, so he wanted that artist to share equal billing in the exhibition. The stage was set, then, for a historic first.As Britain’s foremost old masters museum, the National Gallery featured this artist, a chimpanzee, in the exhibition entitled Now We Are 64. The introductory wall showed photos of both artists, Peter Blake and Cheetah, with biographies. Indeed, they were both 64 years old, and like Blake, Cheetah had spent much of his life painting, especially after he retired from the movies.But what did the two artists have in common, really, I wondered? While Blake’s paintings showed subjects from pop culture, Cheetah’s were abstract: bold swaths painted for the sheer joy of movement and color. Was Blake deliberately poking a finger in the art critic’s eye? A chimpanzee at the National Gallery, home to the most accomplished masters: Vermeer, Van Eyck, Leonardo, Rembrandt–and now Cheetah? 


4 thoughts on “Actor, Painter, Chimpanzee

  1. Hi Vicki~

    Just got your comment on my blog. I’m SOOOOO glad to hear you’re back…you’ve been missed, my friend!

    Hey listen, about your blog issues. Can I ask? Did you write your post on WORD and then paste it on the post page before publishing?

    If you did, I think that may answer your font issue. Everytime I did that…my font looked like yours does on this post. Also, are you having issues with posting photo’s??? I’ve had this issue with WordPress for the past 5 months. I no longer can use the photo insert devise.

    I actually use “html code” to place photo’s in my posts. Apparently (I found this out on one of the WordPress forums…that if you’re using Internet Explorer…(as I am)…it doesn’t work properly!??!

    Isn’t THAT lovely?

    However, I will tell you, EVERY SINGLE blog hosting company has issues like this. My new blog is at Blogger…and trust me…it is far from perfect. Foot Notes use to be hosted at Blogger about a year ago…and that’s why I moved it here.

    If you want…I can email you how to place your photos in your posts. It’s NOT hard…I taught myself how to do it. Just let me know, ok?

    By the way…I LOVE the photo of the Chimp (how cute is he/she?)

    Good to see ya back, Vicki!

    Be well,

  2. Hi Ron,

    Thanks for the sympathy. I didn’t write the post in Word. It’s so odd. For whatever reason this post just had bad formatting DNA. I struggled forever and finally gave up. Let’s hope my next one is better behaved.

    Maybe WordPress just couldn’t handle the thought of a chimpanzee’s art in the National Gallery!

    So far I haven’t had any photo problems. That’s probably next 😉

    Have a lovely evening, Ron!


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