Memories of a Dog

The Old Man, originally uploaded by Four Doxn.

When I was a teenager, the neighbors’ dachshund came to visit every day. Snoopy treated our place as if it was home, and he would often stay with us overnight.

He especially liked it when I would scratch him under the chin, then behind his ears, under the collar, down his spine, under his front legs, etc. I could make him go to sleep by doing this routine, and I loved it when he would start snoring and dreaming.

Eventually I went to university and moved away. Years later, I visited Snoopy’s family. He recognized me immediately, and we had a joyous reunion. But he was old and arthritic. His poor body was creaky and probably in pain. His face was white.

He lay on my lap, like old times. Then I started our little scratching routine, which took several minutes. Suddenly, Snoopy let out an uneartlhy sound which startled everyone in the room.

Had it come from a human it could not have been more eloquent. It said: “I remember you! I missed you all these years! You understand me! I used to be young, and now I’m old. Don’t leave me!”

But I had to leave. It was the last time I ever saw him.

If only I could pet him now, it would be I who told him: “I remember you! I missed you all these years! You understand me! I used to be young, and now I’m old. Don’t leave me!”


5 thoughts on “Memories of a Dog

  1. Morning Vicki~

    What beautiful and precious tale!

    You have such a wonderful way of bringing out the “magical bond” you have with animals….it ALWAYS touches me!

    This past week, some very dear friends of mine in Florida had to put down their 15 year old lab. It’s been very difficult for them. They have an autistic son, that the dog (Enzo), use to watch over when the boy was a child.

    To me, animals are such “special guardian angels.”

    Bless them!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Vicki. I hope it’s a lot cooler there, than it is here (80’s). Everyone is still wearing t-shirts and flip-flops! I am SO ready for the real FALL to arrive….and then some wonderful Winter!!!!

    Be well my friend,

  2. Morning, Ron!

    I’m so sorry about your friends and their lab. The phrase “heart-wrenching” comes to mind. But I’m sure Enzo felt well-loved, and that is what matters in the end, methinks. If your friends would like me to write a little memorial for them here, please do put them in touch, OK?

    No fall weather here either. Just more sun beating down and hot. Are the trees still green there? No fall colors yet?

    And–you knew I would HAVE to ask–what are the squirrels doing in such hot weather? Are they gathering nuts and burying them, or just eating them? That’s a good predictor of the weather to come.

    Hope you don’t see any squirrels stuffing their faces this weekend! πŸ˜‰

    Your great friend,


  3. Evening Vicki~

    Thank you so much for your compassion concerning my friends’ dog, Enzo. I will definately ask them about the memorial!

    NO….NO Fall colors on the trees (they’re GREENER than ever). It’s funny that you should mention that, because today, just before going into work, I was talking to another worker about how odd it looks to still see Summer all around us!?!?

    I want to take a little 3 day retreat in November. I usually go to a place way off in the wilderness. Hopefully by then…the trees will be changing.

    And the squirrels here have been gathering and burying nuts. Thank you for sharing that wonderful piece of information…I never knew!

    Yepeee!!! It’s on it’s way!

    So good to talk to you, my friend. And thanks again for your concern!

    Have a lovely hot summer weekend,

  4. That story sure makes me think. We’re on the same train towards memories and the way things used to be. Dog or human, if there’s ever a time for care and compassion, it lies ahead of all those riding on that train.

    The squirrels here are busy, so focused on collecting. Wonder if that means something. Good to see you both, Ron and Vicki.


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