Missing Something?

All those times you thought you were going crazy, when you misplaced something and never could figure out where it was! Remember how I inexplicably lost a juggling ball? Judging from the above video, this kind of thing happens more than we know.

Another example: A neighbor of mine was the proud new owner of a fancy bird feeder. I helped her install it securely on her fire escape, three floors up. From her kitchen window, she loved watching the birds feasting.

Then one day the feeder was gone–vanished! She called me and I commiserated. What kind of a person would steal a bird feeder? How low can you get?

A few days later I spotted the birdfeeder, empty and lying on the ground. Aha! So no human had stolen it after all–enterprising squirrels had managed to haul the entire thing away, dragging it off to their secret hiding place!

Now if only I could find my juggling ball…


6 thoughts on “Missing Something?

  1. Hey Vicki!

    How absolutely fabulous was that video!!!!!!

    It looked like a human being in a racoon suit. It amazes my how those adorable little creatures can move their hands! You could actually see it “thinking.”

    I guess he was looking for some new carpet for his “racoon pad.”

    I once, got to bottle feed a baby racoon in a pet store. It actually “cooed” like a little baby…it was so precious!

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful little TREAT!

    Now….if I could ONLY find my mind!

    I wonder where I put it?????

    Have a “special” day,

  2. Great to see you here, Ron! Aw, bottle feeding a baby raccoon?! I’ll bet its little hands were grasping the bottle, too. Sweet!

    If you find your mind, look for mine, too, will ya?

    Hope it’s a crisp fall day there…


  3. Thanks. That was really cute. What goofy little creatures they are. Its hand/paw was so well defined.

    I found a raccoon in my bedroom the other evening, 4AM. It was calm enough to pet, which I didn’t. I’m sure it wasn’t rabid or anything. They – are – cute. Poking New Friends In The Face is a quick account of it.

    I’m adding your site to my blog roll. Great pictures and stories.

    Danaher’s Pique

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  5. What a cool video! Wow.

    Well… cool for those of us who still have our doormats, of course. 😉 They’re so intelligent. As always, so easy to underestimate the capacity of these others who coexist with humans. They were here before us, they’ll be here when we’re gone, and may it always be so.

    Still on the topic of raccoons, I drew something you might enjoy. It’s at Flickr… http://www.flickr.com/photos/afir/1271110043/

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