Animal Ambassadors

Oscar the Hospice Cat

This week the story of Oscar the Cat has fascinated the world. This cat is documented to be able to predict imminent death in patients. Oscar lives at an advanced dementia hospital ward, making rounds like the rest of the staff. When a patient is within an hour or so of death, he jumps up on the bed and curls up, purring. At this point the staff jumps into action, calling relatives and clergy. Oscar stays with his charge until the end.

Many people have witnessed such behavior in cats. It happened to a friend of mine when her mother died. The resident hospital cat did exactly what Oscar does.

And when my best friend died and I was distraught, a beautiful silver cat appeared on my patio that night. She gazed at me in such an intent way that I knew she was there as my friend’s ambassador. She stayed with me all that night, left in the morning, and returned the second evening. I felt a direct line somehow to my departed friend. I never saw the cat again, but I knew it had other missions to fulfill now that I was calmer.

Do you have a similar animal ambassador story? Do share! Let us celebrate our marvelous critter friends!


One thought on “Animal Ambassadors

  1. Dearest Vicki~

    Your “tales” always move me to the most tender “heart-felt tears.”

    This one…was a BEAUT!

    And I believe this…because as my father was passing away, Havana NEVER left his bedside.

    Thank you Vicki…for sharing your “beautiful connection” to ALL the ambassador’s that Grace this world!

    Bless you!

    Be well,

    P.S. So glad me met!

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