A Cat’s Campaign

Cat with Present

I was always a dog person. As for cats, well, early on their species lost their chances for my affection when one of them ATE my pet bird. Not a good PR move for the feline species, in my book.

When I moved to an apartment with floor-to-ceilng sliding glass windows, I noticed a cat walking along the ledge, looking in at me. Daily over the next few months, it would beg to be let in. It wasn’t a stray–it belonged to a nice family that lived next door. But for some reason, it wanted in badly. Every day after hours of looking pathetic, with no result, its little body would visibly deflate in disappointment. But it would be back the next day, full of hope.

One Thanksgiving, I had my family over for dinner. Throughout the meal, this cat had all fours plastered against the screen window right next to the table, like some Garfield stuffed toy with suction cup feet. It meowed and cried something fierce, to the point that we could barely hear one another talk.

Then one day a friend who loves cats let her in. The cat made a bee line to my lap, much to my horror. It then exposed its belly; my friend said that was a submission sign: “I’m all yours!” Well what was I to do?

After that, the cat would finagle its way into my apartment every day. At first I would only let her on one piece of furniture. But soon she had the run of the house. The neighbors would have to come and get her every night before bed, and she would protest every time.

Eventually the neighbors suggested a sleep over. Later, I talked to the 12 year old boy whose cat she was to find out how he felt about this. He told me that his father had explained “When you love someone, you want them to be happy.”

That’s how Whiskers came into my life.


6 thoughts on “A Cat’s Campaign

  1. Evening Vicki~

    Oh my God…how precious is that?

    I actually felt “teary-eyed” when I read the finish.

    I want to pick that cat up right now and kiss her until she turns blue!

    WHAT a FACE!!!!

    Well….the only reason I can come up with, on WHY Whiskers wanted “SO BAD” into your life…is because of the WAY you are!

    And probably a little “karma” too!

    Just like I said before…you are the St. Francis of NOW!

    I just want to let you know how “special” these little stories that you share with us ARE!

    I feel so “Graced” everytime I read them.

    You have such a secial “gift” my friend…very special.

    Thank you so much for sharing it!

    Be well,

    P.S. And I’m dying to know…what was IN the gift????
    Was it a blouse?

  2. Ah, Ron, you are too kind. Thank you so very much for your gentle comments!

    The gift contained a little toy for Whiskers: a wedge of cheese with an interactive squeaky mouse that darts in and out. OK, a bit “cheesy” for Whiskers’s taste. She likes simple toys like strings. (Unlike the squirrels, who require a peanut on the end of the string!) But I had to learn, didn’t I?

    Thanks for visiting with YOUR special karma!


  3. Afternoon Vicki!

    Just stopping by to wish you a wonderful July 4TH…hoping you are you experiencing “magical moments” with our animal friends!

    Be well,


  4. Hi Ron,

    That’s so nice! Thank you. I’m in Madrid just now and can’t seem to get WordPress to work properly so I can’t post anything.

    Hope you had a good 4th, with maybe some squirrel fishing?


  5. Hey Vicki!

    Wow…Madrid! Seen any “bull-fights?”….hope not!

    Yeah…Wordpress has been doing weird stuff at My end too!

    Can’t publish a photo like I use to. Now it’s a PRODUCTION!

    And at present…all the photo’s on my blog have vanished into thin air!

    Oh well…patience is NOT one of my virtues…so I guess I can use the practice!

    Talk to you when you get back from Spain….Oh lay!

    Be well,

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