Squirrel Fishing

Squirrel Fishing

Some day when you need a cheap but fun activity, try squirrel fishing. It’s really simple. Get a long string or, if you have one, a fishing rod and reel, without the hook. For bait you can use peanuts in their shells, or bits of apples or whatever you think the local squirrels will go for.

You wind the string around the bait, then cast it out where you think there might be some squirrels. When a customer grabs the bait, start pulling in the line and be prepared to laugh as you watch the ensuing antics.

I used to spend endless hours with a friend of mine squirrel fishing. We invented variations like casting the bait over an open door so it would dangle in mid-air. The squirrels would jump up, grab the bait, and we would start reeling so the squirrels would be suspended really high. They just wouldn’t let go of their prize!

Contrary to what you might be thinking, squirrels LOVE the challenge. When it was time to stop and I would just put peanuts on the ground for my little friends, they would grab the nut and look at me like “Is that IT? No magic peanut?”


5 thoughts on “Squirrel Fishing

  1. Morning Vicki~

    Ok…what a wonderful way to start my day!

    THIS is ingenious!!!! How the heck did you ever think of this????

    I can’t wait for Sunday in the park with my friends.

    I think I’ll go to the Dollar Store and pick up one of those kiddie fishing rods this week and then get a bag of apples at the Trader Joes!!!

    Oh my God…I can’t WAIT to try this!!!!

    If this goes well…I may start a “Squirrel Circus.”

    Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this fun and playful game.

    I’ll let you know how it goes!

    Bless you my squirrel loving friend…

    Be well,

    P.S. And I LOVE the photo. Aren’t they the cutest damn things you ever saw?? God love them!

  2. my college buddies & i would do this once a year in college. one year, we grab a fishing rod and walked onto the quad w/ it. people were asking what we were doing and we told them “we’re going fishing.” their faces were priceless. it was great cuz we would get crowds of people watching us at a distance as we squirrel fish. such good times.

  3. This is a bunch of crap. I went many times starting ten years ago and they would crawl up my back and onto my shoulders and head or they would be hanging right in front of my face.

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