In By a Nose

Tortoise Face 

Time for a little story about Joe Porter.  

When Joe was younger (only about 140 years old) he sometimes tried to sneak into my parents’ house. I guess he was tired of being alone. Maybe he was curious about where everyone went. Anyway, one day while my mom and dad were sitting in the living room they heard the sliding glass door screen open slowly. Dad went to investigate, but at first he only saw the screen moving without anyone there. Then he looked down. 

Joe had managed somehow to get his snout into a crack, then wiggled his head to pry the door open. He kept moving his head back and forth until there was an opening big enough for him to go through–maybe about a 15 inches wide.  My parents were so amused at Joe’s initiative, they let him stay there for awhile. He explored around, crawling on the carpet and looking at various pieces of furniture.

Then he wanted to get up on the sofa, but this was too much for my mom. I wonder what he would have done if he had succeeded. Would he have crawled up in her lap like a cat? 

And I wonder: Is this how, millennia ago, the first cats and dogs moved into the human household, and hearts? One snout wriggling through the door…the next challenge: into the lap!


One thought on “In By a Nose

  1. Morning Vicki~



    Your little stories are better than anything fictional I have ever read!

    Whenever you share one these experiences…the reader really FEELS within the “heart” of the animal!

    That’s such a gift Vicki!

    Disney Magic!

    Joe Porter is a “lap turtle”

    Have a wonderful week….

    Be well,


    P.S. Thank you for this heart-warming tale!

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