Faux Paw

Labrador eating cake

A friend of mine had an overweight and diabetic labrador retriever who needed to be put on a strict diet for health reasons. But the dog had a habit of going around the neighborhood, begging for food.

To find out where the dog went, my friend followed her on her appointed rounds one night. And wherever the dog stopped, my friend would knock on the door and explain the problem, asking the neighbors not to feed the dog.

At one house, a man answered the door, took a look at the dog and then looked at my friend. “Oh, that is YOUR dog” he said woefully.

A creeping feeling of dread came over my friend. “Why?” she asked.

“Well, our daughter had her wedding here last spring. After the ceremony everyone was eager to see the wedding cake which was set up in the garden. There was your dog up on the table, licking its chops, stomach distended. It had devoured the entire cake.”


2 thoughts on “Faux Paw

  1. Good Friday Morning Vicki!

    What a…..”SWEET” story!!!!

    Precious photo too.

    I want to kiss that dog…right on his nose!

    Aren’t animals the BEST?

    You’re not going to believe this…but this is the SECOND time you and I have had “matching words” on our post titles…on the SAME day!

    When you have a minute, and if you wish….check it out…I think you’ll enjoy it!

    Wonderful post Vicki….thanks again for the “warm fuzzy”!

    Have a great weekend…it’s supposed to be extremely HOT here….HATE IT!@?!

    Be well,

  2. Hi Ron,

    You are a peach! I love it when you comment!

    Here’s a quick idea for the hot weather: Go check out your squirrel friends this weekend. If it’s that hot, you are bound to see some of them all flattened out in the shade. They like to expose the maximum surface area to the cool ground. It lowers their body temperature. You’ll be amazed how flat they can get!

    YOU stay cool, too!


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