The Cat Sponge

I was experiencing wrist and neck pain, and my place of employment sent me to various therapies, none of which really got rid of the problem. Then they sent me to a therapist whose approach is called Somatic Experiencing. She taught me a technique that I could practice at home.

One morning I was doing just that. I was lying on my back and doing very subtle micro-movements, as I had been taught. The cat next door wormed her way through a crack in my sliding screen door, and promptly crawled on top of my chest. She proceeded to flatten herself as much as she could, so that she was exposed to the maximum surface area on my chest. She remained in this position until I was finished.

When I went back to the therapist, I told her about this incident, and she nodded her head knowingly. She said that happens a lot–the technique yields energy, and cats like to absorb that energy as it radiates out.

I might not believe this if I were reading it, but I know it happened, and more than once. The cat somehow sensed when I was doing the technique, and would repeat her sponge-like behavior.

Oh, and eventually, she moved in with me, and she is now my cat. Talk about a sponge!


2 thoughts on “The Cat Sponge

  1. Morning Vicki!

    Yes….I absolutely believe it!

    Aren’t cats…the BEST??? They just know.

    Being a Reiki practitioner, my cats would sometimes lay on my feet when I was giving a session, at my home office. I could feel them pulling the energy through me.

    I have found that cats…..are the greatest “little healers”.

    Thank you for this enjoyable and informative share!

    By the way….I JUST finished writing a new post last night….when you have a minute….please check out the “title”……I think you’ll get a chuckle!
    (how simpatico is that?)

    Be well,

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