A Squirrel’s Heart, Part 2

Some days I would have lunch in my little garden. This always seemed to attract my squirrel friends, who would beg for morsels and if that didn’t work, they would try subterfuge. They would crawl on their bellies, flattening themselves out like in an old Roadrunner cartoon. As if somehow by doing this I wouldn’t see them!

But my friend whom I met fresh from her nest would just straightforwardly get up in my lap. Sometimes she would take a little snooze, too. Imagine the degree of trust that took. I was at least 100 times her size!

When I did yoga, she often would gaze at me from outside the bedroom window. Squirrels are such athletes, I think she must have been interested in what she saw, almost from a technical point of view. And if I did a headstand, she would turn upside down, too. At that moment, a sort of smile would pass between us. Our own private joke.


8 thoughts on “A Squirrel’s Heart, Part 2

  1. Hello!

    While browsing WordPress tags, I spotted “Squirrels” so I couldn’t resist clicking on your post!

    Wow…ON your lap?

    The closest one ever came to me….was sitting on a park bench, while hand feeding them.

    I live in a city, so the parks are my ONLY fix for my friends, the squirrles.

    I always wondered WHY they flatten themselves out on the ground, as they sometimes do…thank you for clarifying that for me. I always thought they were just “going” to the bathroom!?

    How cute!

    Anyway, it’s wonderful to meet someone who really loves and appreciates these wonderful little creatures.

    I sure do!

    Be well,

  2. Oh wow! I’m new to blogging, and this is my first substantive comment from “out there” and I’m so excited! It’s amazing to me that this medium allows people with similar interests and sensibilities to find one another.

    Thank you, Ron–fellow squirrel connoisseur–for making my day!

    From my observations, by the way, squirrels also flatten out when it’s very hot. By doing that they can get their bellies to cool down against a cool surface, like shady concrete or dirt. And they increase their surface area which is more efficient for cooling themselves. Or so goes my hypothesis at least!


  3. Morning Vicki!

    Ron here….

    Yes, it is amazing how the “blogger world” leads people…to the right people, with the same interest!

    To cooL!

    Anyway..I JUST finished reading your post about CROWS…….my THIRD FAVORITE animal. (first being CATS, second being squirrels)!!!!

    I laughed so hard at your description of how they TURNED the faucet OFF!

    The thing about crows that I admire so much….is their fearlessness and their intelligence.

    They absolutely fascinate me. I LOVE the sound they make too! And their COLOR…so beautiful.

    You have such a wonderfully deep “connection” to animals….what a gift! And obviously they trust you!

    Listen, I hope you don’t mind, but I am going to add your blog to my blog roll. You share some pretty wonderful stuff here and would like to spread your words around. If you would rather not…just let me know, and I will do as you ask.

    Thank you for sharing your charming, heart-warming and loving stories with your readers…I am SO glad I clicked on this link!!!

    Be well,

  4. Vicki, please come to my house and take my cute little squirrels home with you.

    I’ve always loved squirrels. I love their antics and I don’t mind putting out extra bird seed. Once when visiting Bok Tower in Florida, the squirrels were so tame around people, they’d climb up your pants leg and sit on your shoulder for a peanut (which by the way were sold on the premises for feeding purposes).

    But now, they’re eating my roof, shingles and all to make a more comfortable nest in my attic.

    I currently have babies above my bathroom ceiling, plus I hear more noises in the ceiling of my kitchen – on the opposite side of the house.

    I understand people have paid thousands of dollars to have squirrels removed from their houses along with repairs and prevention from further attacks on human dwellings.

    I have a large dogwood tree that overhangs my house. I guess I’ll have to cut it down as I think that’s how they’re getting on the roof. I’ve never seen a squirrel climb an exterior wall from ground to rooftop, so trees are (I think) the only highway.

    Oh, wires are another way, aren’t they? Afterall, squirrels are tightrope walkers and I’ve watched plenty of them scurry along on telephone wires. Well, maybe the tree won’t have to come out.

    I’m at my wit’s end. See the photo of my roof damage on my blog. Click tag ‘squirrels’. It’s in there somewhere.


  5. Hi Gail,

    Thanks so much for visiting and for sharing your dilemma. I’ve written a comment on your blog as you’ll see. And I will be writing a post about the philosophical and practical issues you raise here. I want to see if there is a middle ground that respects one’s property while also the goal of compassion for all sentient beings.

    Stay tuned!

    Thanks again, and courage!


  6. Aw, thanks so much for letting me know. I really appreciate that your wrote. Blogs are funny things–one puts the stuff out there but doesn’t know what folks make of it!

    Hope you stick around and let me know what you think again.


  7. This is a really old post – but I’ve just recently befriended a squirrel whom I call Max. He is in my back yard and it only took me about 1/2 day to train him to come take nuts from me. I’ve also witnessed his “flattening out” behavior and I was thinking it was heat/cooling related also.

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